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8-week workshop. Meets weekly on the same night, 6pm - 10pm. There is also one additional weekend milling session (mandatory) and one mid-week morning lumberyard trip (optional). See class schedule for specifics.
$875 Plus the cost of the lumber of your choice
Intro to Woodworking Class Or qualifying woodworking experience
Challenge Type:
High-precision toolwork // Advanced woodworking concepts

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Why buy furniture when you can make it? Our instructors will take you on an in-depth and intensive journey into the fundamentals of furniture making. Come in with the desire to learn and leave with your very own table.

Over the course of 40 hours and 8 weeks, we’ll carefully guide you through every aspect of a professional furniture-maker’s process, allowing you to come away with the skills needed to make beautiful, heirloom-quality furniture — and your own hand-made table.

Class will start with the design process, where, in the course of learning how to design a piece of furniture, you’ll also learn the concepts that every professional woodworker takes into account when making a piece of furniture that’s meant to last.

From there, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the lumber yard and the lumber selection process which will culminate in a class field trip to a professional lumber yard where you’ll be guided through actually selecting and purchasing the lumber for your table.

The remainder of the class will take you through the process of expertly crafting your personal and custom table. We’ll cover traditional joinery, professional tips and tricks for construction of your piece, more advanced techniques in using the machines and tools in the woodshop, and finishing techniques to get the look and feel you want out of your furniture.

Notes from the Shop

Please read the schedule carefully and make sure you can attend every class. In the event that you have to miss a class, there is a fee associated with make-up classes.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Cancellation: You can cancel your ticket for a full refund at any point up to 7 days prior to your scheduled class date. Cancellation for any reason within 7 days of your scheduled class will be non-refundable. No-shows are considered non-refundable cancellations.

Rescheduling: You can reschedule your ticket to another date (subject to availability) at no cost at any point up to 7 days prior to your scheduled class date. Rescheduling requests within 4-7 days of your class date will incur a $400 rescheduling fee. No rescheduling will be permitted for any reason within 4 days of your scheduled class start date/time. So for example, the cutoff would be 9am Tuesday for a class starting Saturday 9am. If no other class dates are available at the time of your request, we can move you to a placeholder event until new dates open up.

Missing classes: It’s important that none of our students fall too far behind on their project, and because we don’t have time during class to catch up students who missed a class, you’ll need to schedule a makeup session with one of our instructors to catch you up outside of class. The first makeup session is done at a reduced rate of $50/hr; any subsequent makeup sessions are at our standard rate of $125/hour.

Usually a makeup session is between one and two hours. If that’s not possible, you’ll need to simply pay one of the instructors to get your project back on schedule (same rates as the makeup sessions)

About your instructors

Every class at LA Woodshop is overseen by our highly skilled instructors who have years of experience as professional furniture makers. You’re in good hands — and those hands just so happen to be masters in the woodshop.

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