Picture Frame Class

This is a Multi-Day Class.
4:00 PM

Full Class Schedule

Saturday April 13 • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - First class!
Sunday April 14 • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Ever wondered why getting a custom frame is so expensive!? Because a LOT goes into it! Maybe it’s high time you learned to do it yourself.

Over the course of 2 classes, our instructors will take you through the process of making your own solid wood picture frame, ready to hang on the wall when you leave the class.

Learn to cut incredibly precise miters that come together to make perfect 90 degree corners. Cut slots into those miters and glue in wooden keys for stability and aesthetics. Route where your picture, matte, and glass will sit snugly. We’ll show you how to properly sand it all down using the same methods in heirloom-style furniture. Finally, we’ll guide you through a simple and very effective finishing process that will give your frame a beautiful sheen that brings out the natural grain in the wood, as well as protect it from the elements.

You may like it so much, you won’t even want to put a picture in it.


Buying this for you? For a friend or family member? Head over to the class page to learn more about prerequisites, class scheduling, instructors, and more.
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