Briana Pero
Briana Pero
Briana graduated from SCU where she started material studies design, but quickly realized she had more of a passion for making actual tangible things. She pivoted to woodworking and never looked back.

Her other passion lies in helping beginner woodworkers realize their design goals in a safe and fun environment, so naturally, there's a better than average chance you'll find her instructing LAWS classes.

When she's not teaching, she's making improvements to the woodshop and making sure the tools are running smoothly. She also partners with WouldWorks, an organization that trains and employs people experiencing homelessness in the craft of woodworking. And with any shred of spare time she gets on top of all of those passions, she's developing a new method to add more hours to the day.
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1535 Paloma St., Los Angeles, CA 90021
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